Why electric cars are fuelling a comeback for the garage | Bricks & Mortar | The Times

2022-06-15 14:01:18 By : zhang zhiqiang

R eports of the death of the domestic garage have been greatly exaggerated. In 2014 the RAC found that nearly half (4.6 million) of Britain’s garages were being used for anything but a vehicle, with almost two in five (39 per cent) drivers saying their garages were so full of household clobber they could no longer fit the family car in.

In a gear change garages are back, as homeowners seek to add extra storage and a home office along with a safe space to charge an electric car. “It’s far more practical to charge a car in a garage than trailing cables across driveways or pavements,” says Thomas Goodman, a building and construction expert at the comparison website MyJobQuote. “Even if you don’t plan to

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